Personalized services for professional athletes that want to know how to get the most out of themselves.





Secure funds are very important. We can provide our young athletes with a background that will help them achieve long-term success.




We offer a range of complete services for sports organizations

by providing the background support needed for successful work.




The Agent is an agency created for professional athletes, young athletes and sports organizations. Its founder is Dr. Gábor Gremsperger Jr., multiple national football player and lawyer.

For professional athletes, the agency provides representation for athletes, team searches, negotiations during transfer periods, the preparation and organising of foreign test matches with included health services and language lessons. We also provide financial, investment, insurance and legal advice, PR and marketing services along with sponsor searches.

Young athletes also need guidance in everyday sports and learning. An important role is also played by a mentor who knows the world of sports, thus being able to authentically support and develop the athlete, while also setting an example for them through their own career. At the same time, it is necessary to build an athlete’s career and studies to prepare them for the eventuality of competing in an active sport. With the Easy Go to USA program, we can also help young athletes who play in youth teams to achieve international sporting career opportunities. 


Athletes and sports organizations need legal representation and advice too.


Contracts, legal documents, legal problems can seem complicated to those who do not have this specialty. As clarification, legally appropriate contracts and legal issues is a prerequisite for building a successful athlete's career.


The Agent works with a professional law firm specifically dedicated to sports law among other things, to assist in writing, verifying and, if necessary, litigating contracts or documents.  It also represents athletes in disciplinary matters. 


In the case of sports organizations, sports law advice requires a detailed and special type of knowledge. We are consistently monitoring changes in the law, so our agency always has up-to-date information and prepare or review legal documents based on it. A law firm trained in this can support the organization with comprehensive professional advice. 


The Hungarian sailing sport has no problem with the hinterland either, the youth is progressing well, a prime example of this is Domonkos Németh, a young, and talented athlete from The Agent.

Doma is preparing for the junior world championship of the Finnish Ding class, which will be held in Tihany this year and will show what he can do hopefully in front of a Hungarian audience - there can be no question that he will strive for a gold medal!



The renowned athlete from The Agent has made a name for himself with a good performance over the past month.

A new year, new hopes: after winning the 2017 Junior Australian Open in singles and the Junior Roland Garros in doubles, Zsombor Piros has kicked off 2021 in higher gear. The 21-year-old tennis player signed up with The Agent in February to rebuild his career and the partnership is already proving to be successful!