Corporate Tax

Any company paying corporate tax in Hungary may choose to pay part of its corporate tax liability either directly by way of a subsidy or through the tax office - by way of a provision to an eligible sports organisation interested in spectator team sports.

The Agent's team can provide guidance to sports organisations operating in Hungary, in close cooperation with law firms and accountancy firms specialised in this field.

Our services:

·  Determination of the maximum amount of aid that can be granted on the basis of the budget figures.
·  Identification of eligible sports organisations.
·  Advice on the process of granting the subsidy and the conditions for claiming tax relief and tax credits, with the help of our accountancy firm.
·  Designing an appropriate contractual structure for the provision of the subsidy, preliminary comments on draft contracts.
·  Liaising with the beneficiary organisations, assisting with the documentation of the aid process (conclusion of the aid contract, obtaining the aid certificates, filling in the declaration of support, notification, etc.).