We signed a professional contract with two Hungarian players

Ferencváros has signed a professional contract with two U19 players, Richard Szabó and Botond Pócsik. 


The FTC football team signed professional contracts with two U19 players: Richárd Szabó, 19, and Botond Pócsik, 18.

Richárd Szabó, who played in mid-field, grew up with the Goldball association. Then, in the summer of 2013 he joined the Green-whites. He went through our youth teams from U14 and then started playing among the U19s at the age of 17. This talented midfielder was able to join the framework of our first training camp in Austria. He played for Austria in the second half of the match against Celje, beating the Slovenian team 2-0. Richárd Szabó has already scored 57 goals in Fradi colours.

The offensive based player, Pócsik Botond, started playing football in Mátészalka, then in 2014 he was contracted by the ETO academy of Győr. A year later, when he wasn’t even 15, Fradi recruited him and has since recorded 33 hits in our youth teams. Our young striker was successful 12 times in the 25 U19 Championships last season.

“This event means a lot to me. It feels unspeakably good that I used to only see the big players on such announcements, and now we’ve been photographed with Fradi jersey in our hands. It is a great honor! I hope that this is not only the end, but the beginning of a long story, ”said Richard Szabó, shocked after the signing.

Botond Pócsik added that a lot of work has been done in recent years for this contract: “I feel that our game with Ricsi has been boiling up mainly for the last six months. In my case, it showed in goals, and Ricsi played very confidently, stably in midfield. They were approached from elsewhere, but only Ferencváros was in the picture for us, it was clear that we imagine our future here, we want to develop further here. ”

The two young people also talked about their style of play.

“I like to play best in the 6th as well as the 8th position. I feel best when the ball is walking and there is no empty flight. I loved to organize and manage my peers in the youth teams, ”said Richard Szabó.

Botond Pócsik also described where he likes to play best: “As an extreme, I can be deployed on both sides of the field, although I prefer the left side. I like to cheat and I’m pretty fast, and defenders can’t stand that in general.