Péter Zambó is also a member of The Agent Hungary

Péter Zambó played football from the age of eight until the end of high school. He could also perform in age groups against Ferencváros and Újpest. His love of the game has not passed since, he attends a lot of matches, be it the NB I championship, international cup match, national team or junior clash.

In addition to his university studies, he enjoys the matches not as a supporter but as an observer, which he already admits with a tactical eye, according to his own admission. He’s primarily curious about things that can’t be noticed on TV.

“Based on The Agent Hungary’s motto, I want to help young players, especially footballers, by showing them the opportunity of a whole career. My job is to spot the young talents on the track with whom we can collaborate later. Our goal is to be able to present an internationally successful company and athletes in the future, ” said Péter Zambó.