Balázs Tóth is the nutrition expert of The Agent

Balázs Tóth deals with the nutrition of The Agent Hungary athletes. The specialist has developed his own program, which he also introduces to our athletes. Balázs speaks fluently in English and in German too, which is especially important for The Agent Hungary because it has international relations.

Balázs Tóth has a degree in psychology and he is currently conducting clinical research at SOTE and preparing his doctorate for his own so-called ’Nemdiéta’ method. He helps to change the diet and eating habits of athletes with his clinical dietitian colleague.


“The Agent Hungary treats the athletes with a team, every little detail is handled by a different professionals, my job is nutrition.”


“It is very important that we know what the goal of our athletes is, and we can coordinate the meals accordingly. The human organization needs different food if someone spends their day at school, has a hard workout or under preassure in a competition.” - said Balázs Tóth, who first holds a longer consultation with the athletes and then constantly monitors what needs to change on the diet, what has worked, and what needs to change.


The most important thing is vitality and personalization. We are creating a diet that can meet both physical, mental and community needs, something that can be embraced by an entire family. Athletes need to learn how their bodies work, what fuel they need, what resources they can manage. It is important that they do not eat artificially, according to a rigid diet, but in a lifelike way, because the former wears out quickly. ”said the expert, who also gave specific example of one of our athletes.


“Sándor Székely is a young hockey player, for example, he wants to get more muscular. In consultation with his fitness coach, we can move forward together. We see that his performance is increasing, we can adjust his diet to that, speed up or slow down his development a bit, muscle growth. If somebody wants to lose weight, it is very important to find the ideal condition and maintain the performance, but the weight will drop pretty slowly.”


Young people in general say they don’t like new foods, they don’t like to eat vegetables for example. This is driven by a biological program that ends around the age of 20. For example, we try to fall in love  with vegetables in the form of creams and soups, step by step, ”added Balázs Tóth.