Dr. Dániel Végh is the dentist of The Agent Hungary's athletes

1. How do you know each other with Goba?

We have known Gábor each other for 8 years, we first met at the Hungarian Diabetes Futsal national team training. Although since I scored the most goals for him, he hasn’t offended me anyway, we’ve been in a very good relationship with each other ever since, whether it’s a weekday football or a meeting, we can count on each other. That’s why I was happy to say yes when he approached us on behalf of The Agent Hungary to work together!

2. Why is regular dental check-up so important for an elite athlete?

Regular dental check-ups are very important to all of us but even more emphasis needs to be placed on dental check-ups for elite athletes. Due to physical exertion and regeneration the special diet is already a default item in the daily lives of elite athletes however we need to pay special attention to the condition of the teeth and gums. For example high-sugar sports drinks consumed between and during workouts make much better use of your teeth but a moutguard made by a dentist can help protect the teeth in case of contact sports. Our athletes meet specialists in order to reach the best performance and one health station is the dental office.

3. What to look for in a dental check-up for athletes?

During regular check-ups in addition to treatments we also need to draw the attention of our athletic patients to the importance of oral care at home. An oral complaint, wound, toothache, bleeding, gland has an effect on the general well-being of our athletes, their maximum performance is not achieved due to these complaints thus any weaker result can also have an impact on their career.

Proper oral care equipment, proper oral care techniques and regular semi-annual dental check-ups are the guidelines to follow.

4. What special treatments can occur?

All areas of dentistry can be considered from tooth scale removal to aesthetic dentures. It is very important to restore the chewing zones  therefore in case of tooth extraction the replacement of these tooth defects as soon as possible (prosthesis, implantation) should be emphasized.

5. Do you practice and research at Semmelweis University on what topic?

I work at the Department of Prosthodontics at Semmelweis University as an assistant professor.

My research topic is oral complications in diabetics from which I obtained a Ph.D. degree in 2019. We provide a special dental practice with my team for type 1 diabetics and we now also deal with elite athletes. We place great emphasis on providing the best possible quality of care to our patients.