A new year, new hopes: after winning the 2017 Junior Australian Open in singles and the Junior Roland Garros in doubles, Zsombor Piros has kicked off 2021 in higher gear. The 21-year-old tennis player signed up with The Agent Hungary in February to rebuild his career and the partnership is already proving to be successful!

Zsombor has not been spared from success in the past, winning the national indoor championship in 2016 and 2017, and this year he was the best again, after beating Fábian Marozsán (7:5, 6:4) in the semi-finals and Máté Valkusz (6:2, 6:2) in the final, meaning that the MTK pro triumphed against two internationally-ranked opponents.

Last year was a hectic season for Zsombor Piros as well, after winning a 15 000 USD futures tournament in Antalya, Turkey in February (in the final he beat Carlos Alcaraz of Spain, who despite his 17 years of age has since moved close to the top 100 in the world rankings), he was able to play two more local tournaments, and then came a break of more than half a year on the international stage.

2021 has so far been more favourable in terms of tournaments, Piros picked up his racket in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, before the Ob, while after winning the title at the National Training Centre in Buda, he went to Bratislava, where he reached the last four of the 15 000 USD tournament after three wins - he was stopped in three sets by Vitaliy Sacsko of Ukraine in the semi-finals, ranked 389th. The 23-year-old is a player we're sure to hear from again in the near future, having reached the ATP main draw and challenger semi-finals at the end of last year.

Zsombor is currently ranked 436th in the world, with a career best of 338 from 2018. It is clear that his talent and past performance predestines him to a much higher ranking, and with his recent improvement, good training, and the confidence boost he gained after his Ob win, he will soon be able to move forward at a fast pace.