Aim for respect

André Völgyesi, 25, graduated from the Law Faculty of Eötvös Loránd University. He played football competitively for a long time, played for the youth team of Ferencváros, and nowadays plays the sport as a hobby in university leagues, and also plays tennis and does boxing in his free time.

Football brought him close to The Agent Hungary, as a lawyer colleague of his mother plays for the same football team as Dr. Gábor Gremsperger Jr. and the colleague suggested André to contact the founder of our company.

"As I am interested in sport, player representation and the manager's position, I contacted Goba, who was open to my interest, and that's how the cooperation was formed. At the moment, I would like to learn the trade and later I would like to become a recognised and respected player-manager," said André, who is mainly involved in football, but also enjoys almost all sports, especially winter sports, handball and tennis.

Although our young colleague admits that he is still rather inexperienced, he has a clear and positive vision of how he should pursue the profession in which he would like to gain a deeper insight.

"The most important thing is to keep the player's interests in mind," says André Völgyesi. - In addition, there are universal values, both human and professional, to which one must remain true and which, if the manager is able to project them outwards, will be credible in the eyes of clubs and players, which is good for both parties."

As a footballer who knows his sport best, he would focus on football players, having been part of the community, he knows exactly what can be done to help a young player progress professionally. He is also, of course, able to deal with legal issues and sponsorship in other sports, but obviously the profession is further away from him in that area, but he made it clear that ultimately you have to be a good athlete. That would be the fundamental principle, independent of everything else, that no matter whether you are a footballer or a swimmer, it is all about fitness and mental preparation, so that you can become a very highly qualified athlete.