The mentoring program is a real teamwork

What helps a young athlete the most? Preparing them early for what lies ahead as a professional, setting them on the right path and helping them through the pitfalls, while providing them with full professional management. The Agent Hungary aims to do all of this at the same time through it is the mentoring program, and the thoughts of founder Dr Gábor Gremsperger are not just words spoken in the wilderness.

"Having played sports abroad, I have seen that the environment and the circumstances are very decisive for young athletes," said Goba, who graduated as a lawyer. As soon as a talent is supported, the sooner he or she can integrate into the system, the greater the career path, and the more parents are relieved of the burden of having a child in the hands of a professional team. A successful programme requires the player, the parent, the coach and us, so it's a real team work. In a better field, a better plant will grow!"

The former national futsal player added that in some sports Hungary is already a guaranteed place for development, but when it comes to the question of what is best, it can be worth thinking transnationally, in a broader spectrum - meaning the services, treatments, tools, manpower that are most useful in the respective sports. Even if you are not a teenager, but realise later that you need professional help and a well-organised background, you can turn to The Agent Hungary with confidence.

"Our model is useful for a very active athlete at the peak of his or her career, as well as for someone who is trying to end their career," explains Gábor Gremsperger. - To show them a new perspective on the paths they can take in life. The best thing is for a professional athlete to stay within the sport, to ensure a proper cycle."

The head of the agency is a great believer in putting his ideas into international waters, he believes there is a lot to learn from countries further west of us, but the same is true in the East, where there are talents that are undiscovered. If they manage to show a new world, come to Hungary, to the European Union, it can be very usefull, and it can even work the other way round, if a talented young footballer from Hungary who needs to get stronger, learn a new mentality and cannot fit into the first division, can be tried out in the Macedonian first division, for example, to gain confidence and develop his personality.

The Agent Hungary could be very helpful in this respect if it could reach an agreement with a football academy in northern Macedonia and set up a regional centre, similar to the one in Hungary, where the most talented children from the area could be concentrated.

Gábor Gremsperger pointed out that a foundation called "Be Talent" had been set up to provide a scholarship programme for the most outstanding youngsters. It is terrible when a young person who has grown up on a football pitch cannot fulfil his potential because he has to work for a living - and this is not uncommon in the Balkans. However, if you have the financial security and the peace of mind, you can also count on patience, because not everyone reaches a high level at 15 or 16 - and the crew of The Agent Hungary is well aware of this.