The Agent Hungary helps building clients’ confidence by professional mental trainings

Mental trainer Annamária Kutnyánszky-Horváth, PhD got to know The Agent Hungary founder-owner ’Goba’ via reference and she has been working with several of our clients over the past months.

’I work with athletes from age 12 up to adults both from individual and team sports. I’m in contact with The Agent Hungary clients Róbert Kópis (Soroksác SC), László Laky (Komárom VSE) and Ádél Chomán. For starters, we try to meet once in one or two weeks. After 2-3 trainings, our aim is to maintain mental health, which means a session in each month – except for cases that need immediate intervention. We have only been working together for a couple of months so we haven’t reached our final goal, but it’s obvious that they gained confidence and motivation over recent times’ – said Annamária Kutnyánszky-Horváth, PhD.

Besides nutritionists and legal advises etc, The Agent Hungary helps its clients careers by providing mental experts to them as well.