Macedonian expansion of The Agent Hungary

"We have opened up a great opportunity with this fusion, which can be said to be unique in the sports industry. Our goal is to "export" hungarian sports, professional knowledge and the hungarian attitude to abroad. We would like to illustrate the professional conditions in which work is carried out in Hungary and this can also be implemented in the Balkan countries. With the expansion of the Balkans we can give macedonian athletes a chance to qualify for Europe and on the other hand, it will be a great opportunity for hungarian players to try themselves abroad and take a step in their career that can guarantee their development."

With the cration of the cooperation Jr. Dr. Gábor Gremsperger sees the opportunity for hungarian sports innovations to gain ground and reach the market and also shows the strength of the relationship, that the COOL FC youth training football club from Macedonia can also benefit from this new relationship, in which Gábor also has an ownership take. "We will be able to offer numerous opportunities for the athletes there to prove themselves in Hungary, as well as with the cooperation of the professionals for the two countries."

The head of Agent's macedonian subsidiary Trajce Sazdov also lists several potentials for the success of the cooperation. "As a fan of sports since childhood, I have always dreamed of having a profession, that would be part of sports developments and that I would work in the direction of promoting sports and protecting athletes. After successfully completing my studies in international sports law at the ISDE Institute in Madrid and obtaining a FIFA Agent license in the first exam session, my ambitions and dreams are come true. With this cooperation we are starting is a step forward for me and I hope that is the near future we will start building an international network whose primary goal will be to provide full support to athletes and their protection, which will contribute to their greater security and focus on the sports profession."