His goal is to become a national team soccer player

We talked about with Zoli about his career start and about his future goals: "Even at an early age, I approached sports consciously and with great diligence, through which I went through continuous development and with this I drew attention to myself. I tried myself in many sports: I got acquainted with swimming and judo, but then came football, which I have been doing since I was 8 years old."

Zoli started to get acquainted with football at the Mészöly Football School, after three years spent there, then he moved to Újpest. After that period he moved at the III. Kerületi TVE and he took a short detour (ESMTK) to his current station, BVSC-Zugló. "This is my third year playing for BVSC. Currently I am a midfielder for the U19 team, but in the last season I became a member of our senior team several times and I was able to play once in the senior team. It filled me with pride, through which I received feedback that with hard work and diligence our goals can be achieved. Thanks to my membership in the senior team, I was able to participate in the championship celebration which will forever be a memorable event for me."

"My future goal is to reach the highest possible level in football and of course my biggest dream is to become a member of the Hungarian National Football Team one day and I will do everything for this."

We wish for Zoltán Danka a successfull career!