Dr. Gábor Gremsperger Jr. is a member of the board of HUNESZ

We are pleased to announce that the founder of The Agent sport agency, Dr. Gábor Gremsperger Jr. was elected by those present, thus becoming a new board member of HUNESZ, the Hungarian E-sports Federation.

The Agent sports management office is constantly looking for sports innovation opportunities and development potentials, therefore we have wanted to open up to E-sport for a long time, so we definietly consider the election of Gábor as a member of the board to be a success.

"After finishing my professional career, I envisioned my future is sport and five years ago I founded The Agent sport agency. We are constantly looking for innovations, new things that are worth dealing with and I think E-sport is such an area because it has a great future and imagination."-said dr. Gábor Gremsperger Jr. after the renewal.

We wish a successfully cooperation!