Sponsorship cooperation between Lili Polányi and SuperFoods

In the sport, the nutrition and constant monitoring of our body are very important. Success often depends on one small things. This is why it is very important, that nutrition will be in a "professional hands", for every athlete. SuperFoods Kft. is a great partner in this, who deal with each athlete in high quality sport-specific.

Prior of the agreement, the 18 year old talented skier underwent extensive tests during which SuperFood's specialists assessed Lili's condition and accordingly she received her first package of supplements.

"First I had an INBODY test to measure my body composition. Luckily, I produced best results, I'm ready for the season. With the help of dietitian Lívia Mayer, we analyzed the data in detail and compiled my diet. We also discussed the shortcomings of my diet and what I could improve in the future." - said Lili. 

"I'm confident that SuperFood's supplements will optimize my performance and recovery, which is especially important at the beginning of the season as we have a lot more training during this period."

"I'm delighted to be sponsored by SuperFoods and I'm confident that their products and expertise will make my performance and recovery even better than I'm now."