The alignment in this team is fortunate

Balázs Tóth, The Agent is responsible for the overall eating habits of its athletes, and the young professional believes that athletes should take responsibility for their diet as well as for other factors influencing their performance. Balázs collaborates directly with The Agent's strength coach, Tibor Rácz and his sports coach, dr. Annamária Kutnyánszky-Horváth, directly to develop the proper eating habits of our athletes.

We first asked Balázs Tóth what types of tasks and problems The Agent athletes can turn to him: "The most common problem they turn to me and my colleagues working with me is setting the right eating rhythm with an often hectic schedule. It is not uncommon for a young athlete to come home from training at ten o'clock in the evening, when he would no longer have to eat much to sleep and recover. Or the workout would start half an hour after lunch and lunch should be scheduled earlier. There are early morning workouts when many people try to energize themselves with pastries, even though they can only digest a glass of juice."

"The second most common problem is the quality of food, especially snacking. If you train 5-10 times a week, it's easy to believe that you can consume as much sugar as you want, but too much sugar can impair performance and cause mental fatigue even in an athlete. On the contrary, an athlete does not dare to eat sugar and uses his willpower to resist temptation, when he should not. The third most common problem is low weight or overweight, which can be caused not only by physical but also by psychological reasons. It helps me to identify the problem that I can combine psychological and biological knowledge. I use a method called "non-diet" developed and researched, the essence of which is flexible and realistic eating. If the athlete's case warrants it, I can refer him to doctors and specialized dietitians. "

Balázs' approach was well aligned with The Agent's philosophy from the beginning, and according to him, he soon found a voice with The Agent's founder, Dr. Gábor Gremsperger Jr.: "I find Gábor's attitude respectable for his efforts to clearly convey the attitude required for professional sports, confronting young people with their own behaviour and often inhorning them to humility. It helps young athletes navigate the maze of internal interests of teams and clubs. It also helps parents to move forward or backward so that the young person begins to take responsibility for their own performance, including eating."

"Together with Tibor Rácz, strength coach, and dr. Annamária Kutnyánszky-Horváth, sports coach, we work on improving athletes' results from several sides. Tibor and I have a closer cooperation, we are constantly discussing the athletes. Anyone who knows Tibor knows that he has a rock-solid character and well-founded knowledge of anatomy, he has a good sense of who can get what out of him that day and what would be overloading or putting him at risk of injury. In addition to Gábor, he is the one on whom many young athletes rely humanly. For me, that's the main thing, that's what makes it attractive to continue working together, and I feel like we're lucky to have a team together."

As for the importance of nutrition expertise in the world of amateur and professional sports, Balázs gave a clear answer: "In the world of professional sports, nutrition plays a vital role. Today, in leading sports clubs, regular medical examinations go hand in hand with redesigning the diet. If the athlete is tired of morning training, the morning or mineral supplementation during training is adjusted. The result, by detecting biofeedback-based smart devices, can be seen immediately on the athlete's performance. It also matters what the "breakfast of champions" is for a given athlete, what feels really good, which can psychologically enhance performance at least as much as an artificial but perfect breakfast. Nutritionists are all involved in dietitians, psychologists, coaches and coaches."

"The world of amateur sports is its little brother when it comes to nutrition. Fortunately, the use of smart devices is also widespread in the world of amateur sports. However, regular follow-up by a medical team or examination of a particular topic (pre-race stomach cramps) by several specialists is not typical. On the one hand, this requires a lot of financial resources, and on the other hand, a team in the background where everyone shares a single, cross-disciplinary approach. Of course, I wouldn't say in "The Agent" that we can replace millions of dollars in infrastructure, but with the people and tools we have, we are at least trying to approach this approach. This is how nutrition is an integral part of our joint discourse with several professionals."