Esports marketing potential for Gen Z reach

Gaming is attracting more and more investors, and businesses are beginning to recognize the business opportunities inherent in it. Esports and video games are great media for online advertising, for reasons such as:

Esports fans are smart, technically savvy, and more importantly, they have a lot of money to spend on products they like and see real value in. Therefore, if young players are the target group of a business and you want to target them, so you want to reach them, targeting Esports can be a smart thing to do.

Some fans, for example, choose the same hardware as Esports icons. They would buy the same chairs, gaming equipment and peripherals, which is a huge opportunity for companies specialising in these sectors. Esports players, when they earn money, also spend it back, whether for housing, investments or cars.

For a company investing in esports, it's best to come up with something that adds value to an event that will be seen by many people, and its click rate could be high on social media.

There are many investment opportunities in Esports. It's not just about investing in, say, an Esports team. It is equally possible to sponsor an entire organization that hosts events, or even an individual player or anyone involved in Esports.

There is a very well-defined circle of people interested in e-sports. 70% of viewers are men, 75% under the age of 35. This is precisely the circle, the Y and Z generations, that are difficult to address with classic marketing and advertising tools. This already gives an answer to why sponsors love it. In addition, there are many different business connections possible.

The reason why Esports is inevitable to grow even more is its targeted demographics. More and more younger generations are born and growing up in an increasingly digital world in which participation or interest in Esports is as natural to them as traditional sports are to avid sports fans.