The Agent Hungary

The Agent Hungary is a firm  created for professional athletes, young athletes and sport organizations.

For professional athletes, the agency provides services such as: 

The active representation of athletes team searches, negotiations during transfer periods, the preparation and organising of foreign test matches,inculding  health services and language lessons. We also provide financial, investment, insurance and legal advice, PR and marketing servicesalong with sponsor searches.

Young athletes also need guidance in every day sports and learning. An important role is also played by a mentor who knows the world of sports, thus being able to authentically support and develop the athlete, while also setting an example for them through their own career. At the same time, it is necessary to build an athlete's career and studies top repare them for the eventuality of competing in an active sport. With the EasyGo to USA program, we can also help young athletes who play in youth teams to achieve international sporting career opportunities.

In the case of sport organizations, sports law advice requires a detailed and special type knowledge. We are consistently monitoring changes in the law, so we always have up-to-date information. With this information, we can provide responsible legal advice to our clients. A law firm trained in this can support the organization with a full range of professional advice.