Macedonian national volleyball player in the team of The Agent

"I am happy to be able to strengthen the circle of athletes represented by The Agent. The agency is extremely professional and reliable, I received a lot of positive reviews, so there was no question for me that I would like to achieve my goals together with The Agent. I am in the best place to achieve my goals and get all the support I can get."

We asked Angel about his near and far goals: "As for the near future, I would like to move to the top European league, where I can make a name for myself and thus play my beloved sport, volleyball, as a professional athlete. In addition to sports, studies are also very important to me, and in my later years I would like to work in the field of sports management."

His conscious existence as an athlete is confirmed by his strong views, and he formulates his creeds as follows: "I have some mottoes that inspire me to try to be the best version of myself. One I share with you is, "It's not about being invincible, it's about being unstoppable!" "Every day is an opportunity to improve, even if it's 'only' 1%."


Welcome in The Agent, Angel!