Barcelona-raised young footballer joins to The Agent

The 19-year-old Máté György Tóth, who has a huge future ahead of him, started with the basics of football in Hungary at UFC and Mészöly Soccersuli SE. Proving his talent, he moved to Spain in 2016 to join PENA Barcelonisza Cinco Copes, Barcelona's age-group team. Thanks to the five years spent there, Máté clearly considers Barcelona to be his educational association. In 2021, he returned to Hungary, where he continued his career in Budapest, first at Budai FC SE, then through Honvéd FC to his current club, Újpest FC, where he currently plays in the hungarian third division.

The Agent prides itself on working with purposeful young people who are consciously building their careers as Máté. We asked him about his joining to The Agent and his near and far goals: "For my part, I will do everything I can to always get the most out of my performance, both on and off the pitch, in order to achieve my goals. For this, of course, a team providing a professional background is indispensable, who help me achieve this. That's why I chose The Agent, and I'm confident that I will be supported professionally in every aspect of my career and together we can create a future rich in success."

Máté would like to be a pillar of his team as a footballer of Újpest FC, spending as much as possible on the pitch in the spring 2023/2024 season in order to do everything possible for the team's success. And what his goal is in the football arena in a short time: "I would like to play in a top league abroad, where I will be counted on as a decisive player. And like every athlete, my biggest dream is to play for the national team, I would like to wear the jersey with the coat of arms as often as possible, which involves a lot of work, but I will do everything to make my career rich in success!"


Welcome to The Agent, Máté!