Lili Polányi's interview about the french youth world championship

"My summer preparation for the 2023/2024 winter season went well," said Lili Polanyi, who has been training in Austria since October 2023. "Last year we had a 'glacier season' from October to early November, which is quite demanding for the body, as we train at high altitudes and as a result we struggle with oxygen deprivation, but these trainings serve development and maximum preparation for competitions. I can say on behalf of myself and my coach that we were satisfied with that phase of preparation."

"We have been training in the mountains since November 2023 and the racing season started in early December. In slalom (SL) I have already managed to improve points, which is the goal we originally set for this racing season. So far in the 2023/2024 season, I've competed in about 15-20 races, but our main focus has been on the World Youth Championship. We usually train every morning from 8 to 12, followed by a lunch and a short rest in the afternoon. Of course, we also make sure to fill our days with leisure activities, which are usually filled with talks, board games and card games."

"For me, the World Youth Championship was the most important race of the season. The World Championship began on January 27, 2024, and the technical events I was interested in took place from February 1-3. I competed individually, I finished 46th out of 109 runners in giant slalom (GS – Giant Slalom), I did not finish in slalom (SL – Slalom). Overall, I'm happy with what I did at the World Championships, of course I could have finished better, but I could have done worse. My coach and I evaluated my performance and we will continue to work accordingly."

After the World Championships, Lili will be present in Italy, the next race will be held on Kronplatz, where she will compete in the individual slalom event (SL).

"At the end of February, the Hungarian National Championship will be held in Austria, and in March, also on Kronplatz, the races of the International Championship will be held. I'm happy that the races are coming together, because that's what we've been preparing for all year long, and that's how we can keep improving."

The season ends at the end of April, and we wish for Lili every success in the upcoming races and period!