Mutuality in creating sport and sustainability

According to the philosophy of the Be Talent Foundation, talent lies within everyone, therefore it is fully committed to finding and nurturing talents inherent in sports.

The goal of our foundation is to support talented athletes worldwide, paying special attention to athletes from Hungary and beyond, for whom it provides the right conditions to achieve world-class success. We consider it our duty to create an environment for our talented athletes that provides them with continuous development and health preparation in the long term.

The Be Talent Foundation is characterized by its commitment to awareness and environmental protection, thus, in order to establish this professionally, it initiated cooperation with The Agent sports agency to establish mutual cooperation. It is well known that the international agency The Agent cooperates with Climate Action Kft as a professional consultant and contractor of environmental protection and sustainability projects that can be implemented through sports.

In the future, we would like to further strengthen this triple alliance in the relationship between sports and sustainability, with the aim of jointly implementing future projects.